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“As a couple, we enjoy the same things like canoeing, biking, cross country skiing and camping. A few weeks ago we tent camped for the first time in years. Our garden is huge and people have said it makes me tired just looking at it. It’s hard to believe that some people pay to exercise. For us we just don’t want to sit around and get rusty.”

Mary Depies said, “I am inspired by the outdoors and it is important to me to be involved in activities that take place outside. My husband and I golf four to five days per week and I even challenged myself by skydiving a few years ago.”

Dale Voskuil adds to their sentiments. “I certainly enjoy the outdoors. We have a wildlife preserve and it takes time to maintain it. I have built canoes and kayaks and enjoy motorcycling. Thus far I have traveled by motorcycle to 25 states and eight countries. I like to get out and away from the routine. There is always adventure in meeting new people and still having fun with those you already know,” Voskuil said.

Kayakers took a break from paddling to pose for a photo.

Initial concern quickly turned to laughs when Dale Voskuil found himself in the water, blaming a loose bolt on a seat for a loss of balance.