n a stronger, stiffer frame to add durability; and

n new interiors with upgraded materials and features;

Fuel efficiency improves

Improving fuel efficiency was a main focus on the 2013 Ram series.

The Ram 1500 is the first pickup to ever feature an automatic start-and-stop system. This shuts the engine off at idle, conserving fuel. Once the driver lifts the foot off the brake pedal, the engine fires back up. Meanwhile, all accessories, including air conditioning, run during this seemingly unnoticeable shut down.

Additionally, Dodge undertook subtle changes to improve the aerodynamics of the Ram 1500, along with weight reductions in the truck’s framework, which contributed to fuel efficiency.

Interior comforts

Given all we ask of a truck, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the interior feature of a truck, but the Dodge Ram 1500 has a lot to offer.

The switch to place the shifter on the dash was a move to create more cab space and ad what is a huge console between the front seats. Armrests are made of soft touch materials to keep arms comfortable, while all interior upholstery has been upgraded to “premium materials” in the re-design.

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All the inside gauges are redesigned an more refined looking. Beneath the gauges is a 3.5 inch standards LCD screen hat displays vehicle information and operation.

Beyond the basics

Aside from the base package, truck enthusiasts have many Ram options to pick from.

Among those options is the Enter ‘n Go keyless entry system, which enables the driver to lock or unlock doors, along with remote startup.

The remote keyless system also works with another optional feature, the Rambox storage system, which can be built into the panels of the cargo area on the Ram 1500.

Another option for truck lovers to consider is the air-ride system that automatically controls the height of the truck’s ride. This height adjusts back to the correct ride as the load increases or decreases. Off-road modes enable the driver to raise the vehicle bed by two inches for better ground clearance.

To test ride the Dodge Ram 1500, or any of its versions, stop in at Central Garage in Chilton at 849-9301, or drop in for a visit at the dealership across from the North Side Shopping Center.

Central Garage also offers Express Lane oil change and lube services, if you want your car serviced while you take the test drive.