Hardware Guardians scholarship

offered Thanks to the generosity of businesses which support this annual Guardians section with their advertising, Delta Publications, Inc. annually presents a scholarship to a current or future“ Guardian” who is continuing his or her

education. Application forms for the scholarship were sent to each department featured in this section, but additional forms can be obtained by contacting Editor Mark Sherry at theTri-County News, 894-2828 ormarks@deltapublications.

com. The deadline for returning the simple,one-page form is Nov. 15 of each year, after which the staff of Delta Publications, Inc. selects a winner. In some years when multiple applications are received, more than one winner has been selected. There also have been years in which no applications were received, so any current or future emergency services worker who is taking classes toward furthering their education in the field is encouraged to apply. One application already has been received for this year, but more are

welcome. Guardians from multiple area departments have received scholarships from this program over the years in which the Guardians section has been