Top-quality paint provides better, long-lasting results

Maybe it is the power of suggestion, but just as the leaves begin to turn, many of us get the urge to change the colors inside our homes by doing some interior painting.

For most of us, that raises the question: What type of paint should I use?

Here are five compelling reasons to spring for the best quality coating this fall, courtesy of experts at the Paint Quality Institute, whose mission is to provide helpful information on paints, painting techniques, and color.

1. Better color retention. If you are painting to change the color of a room, then you surely want your new hue to last. Top quality 100 percent acrylic latex paint helps keep your colors true to their day-one appearance. Bargain paints? They tend to pale by comparison.

2. Better stain resistance. Nothing can ruin a new paint job quicker than a nasty stain—whether it is because of a careless spill, dirty fingerprints, or something totally unforeseen. If you spend a little more for a quality acrylic latex paint, think of it as buying some insurance against these color calamities. This type of paint is highly resistant to many of the most common stains, especially in higher sheen levels, such as semi-gloss or high gloss paint.

3. Paint and primer in one. Top quality 100 percent acrylic latex paint offers an important performance advantage over all lower quality, non-acrylic coatings: Many are “self-priming”; in other words, they do double-duty as both primer and paint. Just think how much time and effort you will save by having to apply fewer coats.

4. Good adhesion to various surfaces. Should your painting project involve several different materials, such as wallboard, wood, vinyl, or metal (think not just walls, but doors and trim, too), you will be able to paint them all with high-end 100 percent acrylic latex paint. Go with lower-grade paint and you might have to buy several different kinds of coatings, complicating your decision-making and possibly adding to the cost of the job.

5. Best overall durability. Let’s face it, while interior painting can be a fun project, most of us are more than happy to put away the brushes and rollers, sit back, and enjoy the new colors for a while. That is part of the beauty of top-quality acrylic paint. It offers exceptional durability, so once you finish painting, your home interior will look great until you again get the urge to paint.

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