not locked into a particular line of products. I can mix high-end all the way to box store merchandise from stores like Target. TJ Maxx often is full of great finds. You don’t have to spend a fortune. I lean toward reclaimed or recycled products and mixing things together. All of my homes are unique and truly reflect the people that live in the space. Design to me is filled with layers. As you enter a space you should first go wow, but then slowly take notice of what is around you,” Kahlow said.

Establishing a working relationship with her clients is essential. “I am serious about the end result but not the process. I want it to be fun and enjoyable and a partnership. I feel really blessed that people trust me with one of their largest investments. I love to think out of the box and collaborate with other industry contractors and artisans; it takes a team to make a vision reality. When I work with friends they jokingly call me DD, the Design Dictator, but I feel that if I am there to help you then I am going to be completely honest. For instance, people are so scared of color and can become paralyzed with decisions and experimenting. There are so many choices out there that I ask them to allow me to be their guide and trust the process. With color

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choice, I always say that if they don’t like it I will come back and repaint it myself. I have never had to do that,” Kahlow said.

“I keep up with trends in the industry but at the end of the day with a screen porch or as in any room the design is about the client’s lifestyle and should be a reflection of who they are and what they enjoy,” Kahlow said.