ing relationship for all involved.” Activities at Harvest Home are individualized, challenging people to maintain a stimulated and active lifestyle. Music and art therapy are offered for residents in an interactive way to get the brain and body working together.

“We have a music therapist come in monthly who does such a great job of getting our people involved in activities. It’s very rewarding for the residents,” she said.

Wendi Eagan, activity director in Howards Grove and West Bend, incorporates art therapy that manages emotions while stimulating residents’ minds to get them inspired. Pahmeier said, “You’re never too old to be challenged.”

Residents also make trips to state parks as well as journeys into town for ice cream. At the annual resident family picnic, 16 families get together and socialize for an afternoon of food and fun.

Reassuring future care

When touring the facility, many questions come up about the care that members will receive and the life they will live in an assisted living home.

Pahmeier assures newcomers that though the task of finding a home may seem daunting, there are great resources of information that can set a mind at ease.

Harvest Home Assisted Living would like to change the perception of what senior living is all about. When touring the facility, people are encouraged to stay for a meal and get a feel for what it is like to be at Harvest Home.

“We encourage people with questions to share in the experience,” Pahmeier said.

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Harvest Home provides as much information as possible to newcomers, including rates, activities, the application process, and special considerations.

Pahmeier said, “It’s important that we interview people coming in as well to determine if Harvest Home will be a good fit for them and that it is in their best interest. Sometimes we find a situation where we need to recommend other options outside our facilities.”

By evaluating specific needs, Harvest Home is able to provide people with more resources to find answers.

Each potential resident is assessed by the nurse manager to gain a greater understanding of what their medical history is and what aspects of their health are currently limiting them. The administrator also meets with each family to discuss the levels of care available at the Harvest Home communities and how their loved one can remain in the community for as long as possible.

Harvest Home offers private suites and semi-private suites for all residents. When people tour the homes, they will be able to view all the living options.

The costs of assisted living care are as individual as the residents who receive that care. Costs depend on many different things, including level of care, suite preference, and additional medical supplies. The best way to know how much assisted living care will cost is to come in for a tour and speak to the staff to learn more.

Pahmeier said, “We invite you to come for a personal tour at Harvest Home Assisted Living and learn how Harvest Home can become your home.”