HG facility provides welcoming atmosphere
By Eric Mathes
Residents enjoyed lunch in one of the two eight-bed assisted living homes at Harvest Home of Howards Grove.

Director of Operations Beth Pahmeier said she could not be more proud of the success and atmosphere that has been created at Harvest Home Assisted Living.

“We have worked very hard to create a welcoming place for our residents,” Pahmeier said, “a place where we can support those who come to stay in a variety of ways.”

Harvest Home Assisted Living offers two campuses—Howards Grove and West Bend—each with a variety of care options for older adults. The Howards Grove campus, located at 2003 and 2005 Appletree Rd. in Howards Grove, features two eight-bed assisted living homes.

The West Bend location is an eight-bed home designed especially for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related illnesses.

Both campuses allow Pahmeier and her staff to create a home-like atmosphere where residents are surrounded by their peers, cared for by professionals and treated with respect while allowing them to remain as independent as possible.

Creating a Christian-based culture

Creating a good culture and community within the communities has always been at the heart of Harvest Home.

Pahmeier said, “It’s important for us to support the individual while sustaining a family-like atmosphere in our homes. One of the things our residents enjoy is sitting around the table together for dinner. This encouragement helps our residents bring out the best in each other and that encouragement is important in maintaining a healthy, quality lifestyle.”

Harvest Home has also continued to be committed to providing seniors individualized and dignified care in a Christian-based setting where they can be strengthened and encouraged to live purpose-filled lives.

Pahmeier said, “We want to continue to support our residents’ faith and lifestyle. Through evening devotions or Bible studies, we try to help residents stay connected to their church. We welcome and encourage local clergy to provide religious services at Harvest Home. We also strive to help our residents maintain their church membership and attend services as they are able.”

She added, “We key in on identifying with individual needs while supporting a community atmosphere that has been welcoming for new guests as well.”

With eight residents in each building, Harvest Home takes care of medical and hospice needs and rehabilitation. The facilities also have a registered nurse on site and helps residents stay connected to doctors and medication schedules.

“It’s important for our staff that they continue their training and credits so we can provide the highest quality of care to our residents,” Pahmeier said. “We do have excellent staff that has been with us for years. They are dependable and truly care for the residents. We do not have a lot of turnover, which means consistent care for the residents and a closer work-

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