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Karl Grube stands in front of some of the spraying equipment used by Badger Hatchery throughout the year with local farmers.

for us to provide our customers with a dependable resource that they can turn to,” Grube said. “That’s why we have a full-time agronomist on our staff.”

With this resource, Badger Hatchery is able to assist customers with crop planning, field scouting, soil sampling and testing, and consultations.

Also available is custom fertilizer blending and application. Grube also provides customers with crop spraying services, with four sprayers and four certified applicators for timely applications.

Badger Hatchery prides itself on being a full-service operation providing all inputs from crop planning to harvest and everything in between.

Bags, bulk, spreader and tender deliveries are available.

With a full list of complete seed lines of all grains and grasses, Badger Hatchery has also been a Northrup King seed dealer since 1935.

Feed store

The feed store at Badger Hatchery provides a wealth of products to fulfill almost any need including health aids, hardware, pond/landscaping supplies, and pet feeds.

Medicines, wormers and ointments for all livestock are available right inside.

To maintain a healthy farming facility, cleaners, cleansers and disinfectants along with fly sprays and mouse and rat poisons are available as well.

Grube laughs when he says, “I’m pretty sure we have one of the biggest selections of bird feeders in the county.”

That may just be true. Inside people will find a full-line feed store complete with pet foods and wild bird seeds.

He said, “Our overall goal is to provide feed for the big dairy farms, right down to the birds in your backyard.”

A large selection of hardware is available including baler twine, farm gates and feed carts, shovels, pitchforks and livestock management supplies.

One of the fastest selling products over the last year called “More than Manure”

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has been popular among big dairy farms. Once the product is dumped into a manure pit, the product stabilizes the nitrogen and phosphorus to make it more usable by plants. This is all done while cutting down the odor produced by the massive manure pits.

Badger Hatchery always carries a large inventory of pond and landscaping supplies as well.

“Nothing looks worse in a pond than dead algae,” Grube said. “For that reason we offer different products to both kill and remove it from your pond.”

Supplies like algaecides, pond dyes, bacterial treatments, and barley straw are readily available.

“We’ve also seen a growing demand in landscaping supplies and I urge people to stop by and check us out,” Greg said. “We supply seed and fertilizer, erosion control blankets, and mulches.”

Greg said, “We are here for the customer and farmer that want something other than the big coop.”

Greg, Gail and the rest of the team at Badger Hatchery look to continue to serve the agricultural community as a reliable, family business. To contact them call (920) 565-3371.