More than meets the eye at Badger Hatchery
By Eric Mathes
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Greg and Gail Grube have owned Badger Hatchery, Inc. in Howards Grove since 2008 when they bought the business from Greg’s parents, who had run it since 1963.

Welcome to Badger Hatchery, Inc., a family owned and run business that has been serving Wisconsin agriculture since 1930.

“This is an independent, family business focused on serving our community and industry as best we can,” said owner Greg Grube.

Grube’s parents had owned the business since 1963 and operated it until 2008, when he and his wife Gail bought it from them.

Together, they continue to offer a variety of agricultural supplies and services for their customers at Badger Hatchery.

Feeds for all livestock

At Badger Hatchery, the name of the game is finding solutions. No matter what kind of animals or pets you have, Badger Hatchery can feed them.

“We will custom make feed for anyone, anywhere,” Grube said. It’s this attitude that sets the tone for business at Badger Hatchery.

A feed consultant is available to assist in creating solutions for customers. Forage testing and computerized rationing is provided to make sure proportions are met while staying efficient, especially for bigger farms.

Grube said, “This is an important part of the planning process for farms as it keeps the farms financially efficient.”

Most importantly, Badger Hatchery will mix custom feeds to meet the needs of customers.

“We deal with both small and large dairy farmers and ranchers. Working with a variety of customers that have different needs has made us more efficient and has helped us find solutions for just about every customer,” Grube said.

Badger Hatchery often provides feed for pigs, deer, alpaca, horses, cows, chickens, and pets as well. At the store, customers can find Doboy Feeds and Purina Chows.

The diverse business prides itself on offering a full-service farm service, including bag and bulk deliveries (up to 24 tons), custom milling and mixing, grain banking and exchange, and crop preservatives to provide hay and silage curing.

Grain services

Farmers will be pleased that at Badger Hatchery, Grube’s team provides a multitude of grain services.

The company buys and sells grains like corn, wheat, oats and soybeans and provides custom drying and storage.

Semis and straight trucks are available on your field at harvest, and Badger Hatchery provides a 70-foot truck scale for weighing.

Trucking is available year round for hauling and grains may be contracted prior to harvest for complete grain services from field to market.

Badger Hatchery is Class A licensed and is fully insured to provide clients with safe, reliable services.

Answers for agronomy

Agronomy, by definition, is the science of soil management and crop production.

Agronomists today are involved with many issues including producing food, creating healthier food, managing environmental impact of agriculture, and creating energy from plants. They often specialize in areas such as crop rotation, irrigation and drainage, plant breeding, plant physiology, soil classification, soil fertility, weed control, insect and pest control.

“At Badger Hatchery, it’s important

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