Financial advisors form new name
Action Financial Strategies pools clout of three key planners
By Mike Mathes

Common professional training. Common financial planning vision. Common resources.

It only makes common sense that a trio of experienced financial advisors pool these strengths together to benefit their clientele.

With that objective in mind, three New York Life agents, operating under the roof of CRW Financial Services, have formed a new name known as Action Financial Strategies.

Brian Ruh, Greg Fictum and Brad Ruh believe the common sense synergy of their combined professional background brings great value to clients seeking financial advice.

All three New York Life agents have worked under the same roof at CRW Financial Services. Yet, the creation of their new name—Action Financial Strategies—communicates the kind of service they provide to their clients.

Process driven approach

Action Financial Strategies focuses on a “process-driven approach” that has been key to their success as New York Life agents.

“We developed this name out of a desire to communicate more effectively with the public what we do,” Brian Ruh said.

Ruh’s unique position as a 24-year veteran of New York Life brings the clout of the Nautilus Group into the organization. A service of New York Life, the Nautilus Group is a team of highly credentialed professionals that supports their financial advisors to provide another level of financial planning expertise for clients. Nautilus advisors come from several professional realms of financial and legal services.

Both Ruh and his son, Brad Ruh are financial advisors with Eagle Strategies, another New York Life service that provides world class money management opportunities for their clients. All three advisors are graduates of the Coaching Series provided by New York Life.

“We believe in helping our clients build strong financial futures,” Brian Ruh said. “We have adopted the theme, ‘Putting your future into action.’”

Well-versed coaching

All three financial planners take the same approach to working with clients. Their process emphasizes a commitment to advising the client, as opposed to transaction-based service.

This commitment is based on their common training via the Coaching Series, offered by New York Life. The Coaching Series is a year long training series that provides a focus on business planning, succession planning, and working with clients that have substantial net worth.

“It involves learning a process that allows us to do individualized planning for our client base,” Fictum said.

“We are all versed in the same methods of helping our clients. By operating under a new title, we are portraying this consistency to our clients.”

Brad Ruh noted, “The whole intent is to stress building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We want them to take an active role in planning for their success.”

As part of the advisory process, the Action Financial Strategies “coaches” want to bring the team’s full set of re-sources to bear for its clients. “We aren’t accountants, tax professionals or attorneys,” Fictum said.

Instead Action Financial Strategies will continue to coach and advise clients along with the help of those other professionals in a team approach to planning.

As part of the wider Action Financial Strategies team, they have the ability to share the “bench strength” of the Nautilus Group, Eagle Strategies and New York Life for all of their clients.

Action Financial Strategies will have two offices. In addition to its main office in the CRW building in New Holstein, the firm will also have an office in Green Bay, located at 801 Hoffman Road, Suite 112.

The second office is seen as an opportunity to expand clientele services into the Fox Valley and Green Bay areas, in addition to the traditional Eastern Wisconsin markets these three planners have always served.