Sign Me Up

has earned it work on Applebee’s in Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Illinois. Sign Me Up has a lift truck which helps in this and other jobs, and Dunton said they are considering adding a bucket crane as well. “We’ve found it advantageous to branch out,” he added.

Sign Me Up also has done work with some major businesses closer to home, including Kohler, Johnsonville, Sargento and Orion Energy.

The business uses a network of qualified subcontractors to produce just about any type of sign a customer might want—from hand-carved wood to LED signs which have grown tremendously

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in popularity because of their energy efficiency and brightness. “It pretty much has made neon obsolete,” Dunton said.

“The industry is constantly evolving,” Dunton added, and Sign Me Up ( and will continue to evolve with it. In addition to Radermacher and Dunton, salesman Kevin Henschel and four other full-time employees are kept busy. Dunton said they are considering hiring one or two more people within the next few weeks so that Sign Me Up can have two installation crews working all the time.

Those crews also are kept busy by a billboard division operated by Sign Me Up. The company has a handful of digital and static billboards from Plymouth to Manitowoc, and Dunton said they are always open to adding more.

Dunton said there are other sign companies throughout the area, but he believes Sign Me Up is growing because of “our customer service and our follow through from start to finish—and we’re friendly to work with.”

That seems to be a formula which has provided for steady growth for Sign Me Up. And who knows—maybe someday it will lead to the need to install one more sign on a bigger building somewhere else.