2013 8 happen,” he added, citing the overlap of services cooperatives have provided to farmers and others in their respective

geographic regions. The venture will combine Country Visions salesof $ 114 million with Agri-Partners salesat $ 95 million. The newly merged cooperative will begin business Sept. 1. Six members from each of the current boardsof Agri-Partners and Country Visions will govern the new cooperative. Districts will be established to ensure representation throughout the trade territory, which now will include all ofnortheast Wisconsin— from Door County to Sheboygan County and west of Ripon. Zutz said the cooperative even has a petroleum business in

Menominee, Mich. While serving the booming agriculture industry is still the biggest part of the cooperative’s business, the merger also expands the petroleum and convenience store reach of the expanded company. The new cooperative can service large

petroleum accounts. CTH E

siteexpands Agri-Partners’ facility intersection the intersection ofCTH E andSTH 32/ 57 just north of Chilton is a beneficiary of the growth and modernization ofthe co-op. Zutzsaid Agri-Partners is in the process of closing the oldandhard-to-access site in downtown Chilton and moving all those operations to the CTH E site.The co-op has finished constructing a large new office and shop building, and Zutz saidthe co-op’s feed business has moved out to

that site. In addition, a 2 million gallon nitrogen tank at the CTH E site will manufacture allthe10-34-0 for the new cooperative. Also, anew 600,000-bushel grain bin is going in as well next to the convenient railroad access at

the site. The rapid changes and growth at Agri-Partners is in response to an agricultural industry which is growingworldwide. “ We need to feed the world,” Zutzsaid. “ Economies around the world are maturing. As economies mature, one of the first things people want to do is eat better. Our exports are supporting China, India and the Middle East. The U. S. grows corn better than anyone in the world. We’ve been pretty successful in increasing yields over the years through technology and inputs. We’re pretty bullish on the ag industry

moving forward.” As this new cooperative continues to serve area farmers and consumers, its corporate offices have moved from Brillion to Reedsville. Bob Lowe, current Country Visions CEO, will serve as vice president of energy and retail until his retirement at the end of the year. Dennis Halbach will continue as the vice president

of agriculture. Equity in thenew co-op will go in on a dollar for dollar basis. In other words, the amount of equity a person has ineither Agri-Partners or Country Visions is the equity they will have in the new company. Anyone who has

com Coop continued from

cachf. org inboth co-ops will be required tohave $ 2,500 total parked in thenew co-op. Equity inboth co-ops will be paid up to 1999 and remain equal

moving forward. Thenew co-op also will combine its ownership in CP Feeds. CP Feeds is owned byboth Agri-Partners and Country Visions as cooperative owners and the Loefer family. Thenew co-op will own 60.8 percent of the CP

Feeds business. The new cooperative will employ about170 full-time and150 part-time/ seasonal employees, and will have facilities of various types in about

20 communities. Zutz said employees are excited about this next big step for the merging cooperatives. Tothe co-op’s members/ customers, hesaid, “ The board and employee group looks forward to remaining your preferred supplier of agronomy, energy, grain and retail products.Your co-op’s success depends on your success and together we