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away with Youngsters gather for lunchtime at Trinity Lutheran Daycare adjacent to Trinity Lutheran School in the town of Rantoul, just south of Potter. Between the daycare and the school, Trinity Lutheran has programs for children from six weeks old through

MarkSherry“ Best-kept secret” might be page an overused term, but it certainly seems to apply to Trinity Lutheran School and Daycare

near Potter. School officials obviously want more people to knowabout Trinity-Rantoul; in fact, improved marketing is one of the school’s top goals for the

coming year. What they would like everyone to know is that the small school tucked off the beaten path is doing some really big things in

educatingchildren. “ You’re always striving 5 for excellence,” Principal Dave Gosasaid. “ We’re making

great strides.” Gosa is about to begin his second year as principal of the school. He said lastyear “ couldn’t havegone better— the first year

was excellent.” Under his leadership and with the cooperation of what he said is adedicated, forward-thinking teaching staff, TrinityLutheran School-Rantoul took some big steps in the past year toward one of the primary goals Gosa set upon coming to theschool. “ We wanted to take this from a good school and turn it into a great school,” he said. In doing so,Trinity Lutheran-Rantoul will accomplish itsprimary goal— educating the next generation of

Christianleaders. High-

tech offerings As school officials market Trinity-Rantoul this year, people might be surprised to learn that every fifth through eighth grade student has a tablet computer to use, that iPads are already being introduced atthe3-year-old kindergarten level, and that the school is the first in the state to use the towardexcellence cloud-based textbook software in which textbooks in all subjects from the fifth through eighth grade level are accessed as PDFs

via computer. Gosa made it clear, however,that Trinity-Rantoul is not just about technology. He said they want to have a balance between new and traditional learning methods. Each classroom has its own library with hard copy books, and the school takes students on occasional field trips to the public libraries in Chilton and Brillion to show students how to use

library systems. Byhaving self-contained libraries in the classrooms and by doing

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