Cars920: The best way to find local vehicles
By Mike Mathes

Finding the car or truck of your choice has never been easier, thanks to a vehicle search platform operated by Delta Publications, Inc..

is the area’s easiest hyperlocal automotive search engine to use. Cars920.compromotes local cars and local dealers first.

As a consumer, Cars920.computs the

entire inventory of area dealerships at your fingertips—with an incredible ability to narrow down your search. The 920 in the title comes from the phone area code that serves eastern and northeast Wisconsin.

Whether you are looking for a specific make, model, mileage, price, feature or color, one search site on the internet will allow you to comparison shop all vehicles within a given mileage radius.

Cars920.comdoes everything for you,

except take the test drive. Cars920.comstresses the easiest approach possible to finding the car or truck you are looking for. By using the 1-Step Search function, all you need to do is type in the keywords that define your search.

To try a simple search, all you need to do is open a browser, go to Cars920.comand type in a couple of descriptive words in the 1-Step Search box.

Press Search Now, and you are off and running!

The search engine simultaneously scans the real-time inventory of all area dealers, and gives you a sortable list that matches your criteria.

That’s when the fun begins, as you can sort your list of cars or trucks by price, model year, dealer, mileage or distance from your location.

See and study options

Once you have narrowed the search, clicking on the vehicle that interests you will take you to a separate page, where

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