Healthier nurse shows Hilbert area it can happen
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
The staff at ThedaCare Physicians in Hilbert includes (from left) Scott Schuldes, advanced practice nurse; Kim Meyer, medical assistant; Stacy Lau, practice coordinator; and Angie Koeck, practice associate. Not pictured is Kathy Loose, coder.

What Scott Schuldes has done is not so much about himself but about what he wants to see for everyone in the greater Hilbert area.

Schuldes is the advanced practice nurse at ThedaCare Physicians, 308 W. Main St. He is beginning his fourth year in that position in Hilbert this fall (after 15 years at another clinic), and one of his top goals in Hilbert has always been to see an overall improvement in the health of area residents. It is not just his goal, but something upon which ThedaCare Physicians measures the success of its clinics.

Schuldes is living proof that it can happen. “If I can do it, you can do it,” he said.

He is 55 years old but does not look it, especially since dropping 40 pounds since last October. He has gotten to know the village of Hilbert by walking around it everyday, and he also has gotten to better know the fruits and vegetables aisle of his favorite supermarket.

Schuldes has been warning area residents for years about risks they face as they age and are not eating properly or exercising enough. Then he said he took a look at his own risk factors and decided he could and should do better. “You really have to practice what you preach,” he said. “I think that’s been contagious.”

He pointed out what most people have already heard—diets do not work and there is no magic pill to lose weight. It really does boil down to the permanent lifestyle change of eating right and exercising more.

“You need to give people choices and strategies,” he said. “Not one thing works for everyone.” Schuldes said he enjoys biking and walking—including in area malls—but other people might enjoy swimming or some other form of exercise.

He also offered up some fun tips which have helped him improve his diet, starting with more servings of fruits and vegetables. “When you have fresh produce, you really know the beauty of Mother Nature,” he said. He said he enjoys frozen cherries as a nighttime snack.

As for meats, Schuldes said, “Twolegged creatures are better than four,” meaning chicken and turkey are health-

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