Secret is out at Elkhart’s Seacret Sentral
By Eric Mathes
Owners of Seacret Sentral are (from left) Linda Wieck, Rodney Wieck and Kristi Erdmenger.

Some secrets aren’t worth keeping— just ask Kristi Erdmenger, Linda Wieck and Rodney Wieck. Together they own Seacret Sentral in Elkhart Lake where there is more than meets the eye.

With a collection of wellness products, Seacret Sentral is about promoting a healthy lifestyle, inside and out.

Inside their shop, one can find the Seacret line of products made with minerals from the Dead Sea. The team of owners also has a wealth of knowledge about alkaline water, which is ionized through a machine to improve health and hydration.

“Our goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle through these products,” Rodney said. “We encourage people to come in for a wellness consultation so we can help assess their goals.”

Among the wellness products, the store also sells jewelry, invitations and does custom T-shirts. Customers can also book parties for Origami Owl, Jamberry Nails, Wildtree Foods, and Thirty One Gifts.

Seacret Sentral is open six days a week from 11 a. m. to 5 p. m., closed only on Tuesdays.

Seacret, minerals from the Dead Sea

Seacret is composed of skin and spa products designed to rejuvenate your skin, making it not only look better, but feel better.

Kristi said, “Water in the body is stored in the skin, your largest organ. Seacret focuses on taking care of your skin to help retain the water for healthier living.”

Residing at the lowest point of the earth is the Dead Sea, the world’s most saline body of water. The lake’s unique composition of natural minerals is derived in part from the fact that it is the lowest place on Earth.

The Dead Sea provides some of the most concentrated, natural mineral salts and mineral-rich mud in the world. These minerals are essential for the correct functioning of the human body and the different skin layers.

Seacret Sentral puts an emphasis on helping people maintain a younger, more healthy appearance by providing customers with products that are both natural and safe.

“Above all else, our products work and they work quickly,” Linda said. “It’s amazing to help make a transformation that literally changes their lives.”

“The best part about this is helping people realize their potential. It’s very satisfying work,” Kristi said.

Interested people can find out more information about Seacret and their line of products by stopping at the store.

Alkaline Ionized Water

There is a product out there that increases energy levels, promotes fat burning, and reduces joint and muscle soreness. Would you like to know what it is? Ready? It’s water. Not just any water, this is Alkaline Ionized Water.

Ionized water is created by a machine that puts water through a process called electrolysis. During this process, water molecules are restructured into smaller clusters.

The smaller cluster sizes of the newly ionized water creates water molecules that are more absorbable by the human body. Not only can the body more adequately absorb this water, but the minerals inside the water as well.

At Seacret Sentral, among the most popular products available are ionizing machines, providing customers with water which increases cellular hydration.

Kristi said, “Our goal is to educate people on the importance of drinking water correctly.”

“People are supposed to drink about a gallon of water every day; however, people often confuse being thirsty with being hungry. We help educate people about where their fuel sources come from and help create a more healthy lifestyle,” Rodney said.

Interested customers are encouraged to ask about the water trial and referral programs to get started making a change right away.

Make a healthier choice

At Seacret Sentral there is an obvious

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