Things are heating up at Lulloff’s
By Mike Mathes
A new woodburning display has been added to the heating display area at Lulloff Hardware. Joel and Rick Lulloff are expanding their display to give customers a better idea of the variety of heating options they have. At right, Rick Lulloff appears ready for a casting call in the next Rambo action/adventure movie. But, he’s really showing off a new device utilized in the paint department. A special rig allows the staff at Lulloff True Value Hardware to shake up a can of spray paint using an attachment on the end of a Sawzall. Previously, a spray paint can had to be shaken by hand.

Things are heating up at Lulloff Hardware, literally.

Long known for its pellet stove offerings, Kiel’s True Value Hardware store has turned things up a notch in its heating department.

New to the store this year is a wood burning stove display. Touting its freestanding wood stoves and fireplaces, Lulloff Hardware has created an expanded display area to show off those products.

“We have two live burns running all the time to allow customers to see our offerings,” Joel Lulloff said.

The whole display is part of a push to expand on all hearth and stove product lines at the store. Lulloff True Value Hardware hopes to expand soon to show off some of its gas-burning projects.

Complete service

When it comes to the wood burning lines, stove product offerings including freestanding stoves that can be used as a space heater, or an entire home heater via convection.

“The wood stoves allow home owners to take advantage of a fuel source they may have on their property, or one that is readily available,” Lulloff said. “They are also nice for peace of mind in case the electricity ever goes out.”

Customers who hook up with a new stove at Lulloff True Value Hardware do so knowing that installation and service comes as part of the deal. “We work with a group of subcontractors to make sure the stoves are installed and working properly,” Joel Lulloff said.

Offering the live burn is just another way to expand the service to customers, offering them a chance to see the stove in operation before making a purchase.

Sun heaters are big

In addition to the wood burners and pellet stoves, Lulloff Hardware can also help customers heat smaller spaces.

Sun electric furnaces have been a popular item. These “space heaters” begin at $300, and can be used mainly as room heaters. The company also offers an attractive electric fireplace.

“They can help you save money in the spring and fall. They operate for about a buck a day, and it saves money on having to start up the furnace for the in-between seasons, Lulloff noted.

Sun heaters are in stock at Lulloff Hardware, ready to go into any space you need to heat, up to about 1,000 square feet.

Although Lulloff True Value offers a time-honored atmosphere of customer service, the store does actually undergo constant change.

“We did our most noticeable revamping 15 years ago,” Lulloff said. “But we are constantly looking at different ways to bring new products for the consumers. In a way, we are constantly evolving.”

One of the other major new evolutions within the store is the expansion of the LG appliance line.

LG products have been part of the picture for the past six years, but they recently became more aggressive in offering parts for older models. This enabled the store to feel more comfortable offering the appliances in this market.

“This is an exciting line for us to add. LG has a lot of neat ideas, bright lighting and unique colors. They really have some neat stuff,” Lulloff said.

LG will complement the other traditional lines offered by the store, including GE, Frigidaire and Bosch.

Electronic connection

For those well-versed in the internet, Lulloff True Value Hardware has a full Web site under the True Value brand.

Customers can shop on line, place their orders and have the item delivered to their familiar Fremont Street hardware outlet.

“You place your order and you get a call or an email when it arrives here,” Joel Lulloff said.

“We are constantly looking at ways to improve the online store. As retailers we have to be open to these things.

Indeed, at Lulloff True Value Hardware, the crew is always open to new ideas.

Take the spray paint can shaker for example.

Rick Lulloff could almost be mistaken for an action film star as he attaches a can of spray paint to a holder at the end of a Sawzall.

Once activated, the device vigorously shakes the paint to mix it thoroughly. In the past such mixing was done manually.

Lulloff smiled as he noted the patented design from an Arizona inventor. “Now we can say that we can really shake things up for you. It’s just another fine service in our paint department,” he said.