Reedsville area farm hosts Manty breakfast
By Eric Mathes
Eric Mathes photo
Sunnyslope Dairy will host Breakfast on the Farm on June 9 in Manitowoc County. Pictured on the left is Keith and Amy Mack with their sons Trevor, 15, and Derek, 10. On the right is Corey and Dianne Behnke and their son Alex, 15. The farm is located near Reedsville.

Sunnyslope Dairy near Reedsville will be serving up breakfast on Sunday, June 9, and educating the public about how their dairy products get from farm to home.

“Through fellowship and a good family event, we are looking forward to educating the community about the business of being a dairy farmer,” said Roger Manke, chairman of advertising for Breakfast on the Farm.

“We are very proud of this event and thank our host families for being a part of our 24th year.”

This year’s event will be hosted by Sunnyslope Dairy, located just northwest of Reedsville. The farm is run by both the Mack and Behnke families. Owners Keith Mack and Corey Behnke combined their two family farms in 2004 to create Sunnyslope Dairy.

Mack and Behnke had been doing custom work together for some time and when their fathers were both about ready to retire, they decided to merge farms.

“Functionally and economically it made a lot of sense for the future of our businesses,” Mack explained about the partnership. “On top of that, we work really well together and we run a business based on good communication.”

Mack is the herdsman for the farm, while Behnke handles the maintenance and field management.

“There’s a lot of give and take on both ends of the operation,” Behnke said.

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