Fair books

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tested under federal supervision while another 33 had been tested by local veterinarians.

At the time, Calumet County had a Guernsey Breeders Association with 30 members. The Holstein-Friesian and Shorthorn breeders groups also had ads in the fair premium book for 1919.

Other agricultural organizations in the county at the time were the 15-member Beekeepers Association and the 27-member Farm Management Club. The county’s Order of the Experiment Association, which was striving to standardize field crops and seeds, had attracted 72 members by 1919.

The premium book for the 1922 County Fair, which was held from September 13 to 16, also heralded the “Milk Vein of the World” appellation. The ads for dairy breeder associations were joined by one from the Ayrshire Breeders while the swine group recognition was augmented by an ad from the Duroc Jersey Breeders.

Promoting dairy cows according to their butter production potential was still in vogue at the time, as indicated by an ad from Len and John Seybold of Forest Junction, who were the owners of a registed purebred dairy bull whose close relatives were setting state and world butter production records. A sister of the bull held the Wisconsin record of 35 pounds of butter produced over seven days while the two nearest dams of the bull had posted averages of 31 pounds of butter in seven days and over 1,000 pounds in one year.

New crops that county farmers could enter in the 1922 fair were soybeans, millet, seven classes of peas, and Wisconsin pedigree oats, barley, and rye. In the fair premium book’s culinary department entries, there were separate sections for “Girls’ Work” and “Women’s Work.”

The premium book carried an ad for Badger Beer from Calumet Brewing in Chilton, which proclaimed that the beer was a “no dope” and “no headache” beverage. Interestingly, despite the “Milk Vein of the World” claim, the 1922 fair premium book did not have an ad from any of the dozens of cheese factories which dotted the county landscape at the time.