had reached 1 million pounds per day in Calumet County (more than 1.9 million pounds today), that the number of cheese factories in the county had fallen from more than 30 in the 1940s to seven by 1969.

In his 1970 report, Meyer suggested replacing dry hay in dairy rations with hay pellets and predicted that dairy herds with 500 or more cows would be beyond the realm of possibility (today Calumet County has at least seven milking herds with at least 500 cows—up to 3,500 in a couple of cases—while Wisconsin has

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nearly 220 dairy herds with at least 700). Meyer had a common practice of concluding his annual reports with a note of appreciation to all of the agricultural entities and their farmer members for their cooperation with the Extension Service office in compiling the data and to the County Board for its support of the staffing and services provided by that office headquartered in the county courthouse.

A collection of Meyer’s annual reports is housed at the Calumet County Historical Museum at the corner of STH 32/57 and Irish Road one mile south of Chilton.