Early farm names in Calumet reflected geographic features

Spring Meadow, Hickory Lawn, Fountain Creek, Clover Rock, Evergreen Valley, Edgewood, Mill Brook, Pond View, Sunny Lane, White Oak, Maple Valley, Gardendale, Shadyside, and Good Hope—what do those names have in common?

They are all names of farms in Calumet County whose owners placed an ad in the premium book for the county fair in 1919. The names of other farms which had an ad that year were Sunrise Dairy, Elmwood Guernsey, and Avondale Dairy.

Those names suggest the intimate connection that dairy farmers had with the natural features of the landscape in the vicinity of their farms and, in particular, several of the types of trees that stood over the landscape.

The fair premium book which contains the farm ads is available for public inspection at the Calumet County Historical Museum at the intersection of STH 57 and Irish Road one mile southeast of Chilton. The museum is open on Sunday afternoons during the summer.