Motorcyclists can reduce risks in 4 easy ways

Freedom. The open road. There’s nothing quite like the big sky ahead of you and feeling the rumble of your motorcycle.

It is motorcycle season across the U. S. and Canada. Warm weather accompanied by clear roads means it is time to seek adventure, even if that means ditching your car for your daily commute to and from work.

But before heading out, motorcyclists should take heed, because in our automobile and truck-dominated society the odds are not on the side of motorcyclists, according to,the nation’s leading Web site for free legal information. Motorcycle operators account for about 2 percent of the vehicles on the road, but account for 14 percent of all road traffic deaths, according to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety.

“For freedom of the road, motorcyclists take on greater risks,” said Timothy D. McMahon, a personal injury attorney who specializes in motorcycle cases for the San Jose law firm Corsiglia McMahon & Allard. “But you can reduce your risks by doing four simple things. Make sure you’re properly insured, wear a helmet, make sure your bike is in good working condition and keep learning, so you are always improving your riding skills.”

Here are some additional tips for motorcycle operators and their passengers from

Drive defensively: Regardless of how

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