MKZ shows Lincoln still producing high-class cars
By Mark Sherry
The 2013 Lincoln MKZ

The first thing I think of when it comes to Lincoln vehicles is the big, old Continental, a vehicle which for its time was as high-class as any on the road.

Lincoln is now calling itself The Lincoln Motor Company, but it is still producing some of the best vehicles money can buy.

The Lincoln MKZ is certainly in that class, and it can indeed take a lot of money to buy one. A person can become the owner of an MKZ for $35,000, but the MKZ I test drove at Dick Brantmeier Ford was top-of-the-line equipped and listed at $47,010. That made me a bit nervous as I took it out for a spin, but the salesman who pulled it up front for me encouraged me to check out the get-up-and-go of the 3.7-liter, V6, dual-turbo, 270 hp engine. I didn’t need to be asked twice.

The MKZ first came out in 2008 and prior to that was called the Zephyr. It has an all-new design and styling for 2013. Although it is a higher-end vehicle and has only been on the Sheboygan lot for about two months, the sales team at Dick Brantmeier Ford said they have sold some 2013 models primarily to professionals in the 30-to 50-year-old range.

The salesman demonstrated the fully retractable panoramic roof which is the largest roof opening of any modern sedan, but I assured him I didn’t want it open when I took it for my test drive. I didn’t want to be messing with too many buttons while driving this much vehicle down some busy highways.

Beside, I was itching to get in the driver’s seat. The 2013 Lincoln MKZ is stylish on the outside, but a lot of cars are these days. What sets the MKZ apart is what is inside. It is rated as having the best in-car technology and has eight class-exclusive features, five of which are standard.

Once inside, I didn’t want the salesman to wander off too quickly in case I had some questions on how to drive this expensive beauty. I didn’t have a key and there is no gear shift lever either on the steering column or between the front seats. I didn’t need either—the MKZ has push-button start and push-button gears, including the option of switching to lever-controlled manual shifting behind the steering wheel to give your ride more of a sports car feel. I didn’t want to be distracted with that either, so I carefully pushed the “D” button and slowly made my way out of the lot.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ is a lot of things wrapped into one car. It is luxurious yet sporty, and somehow Lincoln provides a subtle, subdued feel while driving the vehicle. Lincoln has “eschewed conventional design” in interior lighting. Illuminated front-door sill plates welcome you. Inside, rear passengers swipe their hands past dots

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